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Sigg bottles for more than water?

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OK, I have 4 SIGG bottles for my kids, but am scared to put anything but water in them. I know how funky plastic sippy cups spouts get. On the other hand, I would love to be able to send Michael's milk to school in something other than plastic. Any advice?
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if you are worried about keeping it clean - the Sigg site sells special brushes for their stuff - pricey at almost $10 tho. Also, q-tips work great on sippy cups as do tooth picks.

if you are worried about the plastic leaching bad stuff - it's supposed to be a safe # of plastic. still not sure i like that it's plastic tho...
It's the clean I'm worried about. I just need to suck it up and do it, but they're so expensive. I don't want to risk ruining them.
I've put nut milks and juice in them...the cap does come apart so it is not too bad to clean...the thing I dont like is that the milks/juices go bad fast in those bottles for some reason and they clog up really easily.
i would use a toothbrush to clean the bottle and shove a nylon produce bage down there to clean the bottom. i would take the lid apart and soak it in baking soda or salt water over night. if your sending milk or something that would spoil you should put a koozie around it to keep in the temp.

my dont absorb flavor
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