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Sigh of Relief: Paying off Debt

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I just wanted to share my good news, as of May I will have no debt. Not one credit card with a balance, no car payment- nothing!!!! I hope to have it paid before then but even if I can't, I will be done.
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Good for you! Won't it be such a relief and you should take pride in a job well done. It can be so challenging to get free of debt, I know, BTDT, but the accomplishment of taking control over this aspect of your life is so awesome.

Congrats to you, please do come and share your success when it's offical!

That is so awesome. That must feel sooo good!
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great job! What is your next goal with your money?
Wow! That is *SO* wonderful! You must be very proud of what it took to get you to this point!
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