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Sigh...trouble finding midwife or doctor

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I just need to vent a little bit - then I promise I will be over it!
I cannot use my midwfie since my insuracne changed ot an HMO...I only have three choices for a doctor this time - no options for a waited a month to get into doctor #1 - they are actually awesome and my daughter's doc - anti-vax, homebirhting, pro-BF...when I get there they tell me I am too far away (50 miles) and they cannot see me. I was about the same distance away last time and there was no issue - BUT that is becasue we had a PPO and it was "our choice" really - we live in the middle of #2 - cannot get me in until the end of May and they are fine with the 50 mile difference...but what do I mean I am still nursing??? now I am stuck with doctor #3 who cannot get me in until May but at least it's at the beginning. I am just glad this is not my pregnancy with Kiera where I had a ton of complications!!! OK...thanks for listening...I am just a tad frustrated. I did call the midwife I will be using for our homebirth in AZ and she was very helpful and reassuring...take care, ladies!!!
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I would do everything in my power to not go to that doctor. Many midwives will work with you on financing if you don't have insurance coverage because they believe in what they are doing. Or I'd lie to the doctors that I moved closer and give them a PO box or address of a friend. But I'd def pay out of pocket for a midwife first. Good luck!!
I would pay out of pocket but I am a student and just cannot afford it no matter how small the payments are if we want to afford diapers!
I also spent like three hours on the phone the other day calling middwives as well and none of them were willing to take me since they were either full or I couldn't afford them. I am only going to have to use this doctor like once or twice anyway since we are moving across the country in June or July. I already have an amazing midwife out there who has been practicing for about 35 years - she is my dh's aunt! It's just frustrating that people look at your insurance and not you, ya know?
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I'm so sorry about your situation. How frustrating and angering. Maybe I misunderstood, but your dh's aunt isn't willing to do a freebee?
At any rate, I hope you can settle on a doc that you like vs. one that you're forced to use, kwim! Best wishes to you!!
My husband's aunt is going to do this for free BUT sje lives in AZ and for the time being we are still in IL. So...I wanted to go get at least one check up since I have had two miscarriages in the past and lots of "issues" with Kiera. I guess this is one happy and healthy baby because so far, so good!
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Oh ok, I get it now. You were hoping to get prenatal with a a local midwife (which would have been covered by insurance before) but your insurance is now HMO so you can't and you want to do a homebirth with your dh's aunt for free. Is that right? Now you're stuck with 3 docs, only 2 of which can see you but not until May.
I'm sure your little baby is fine! What kind of problems did you have with Kiera?
Can you get exempt on your insurance so you don't have an HMO?Here in California if you get state insurance they make you choose an HMO.BUT you can file to be exempt from it and if you have straight insurance it will cover a homebirth midwife.Just a thought

I just found out my midwife scheduled a trip to Costa Rica during the month i am due!She messed up and forgot i was due right then
: She said because she gets back on my due date not to worry.Uh,hello my baby you delivered last year came 2 weeks early!So now i have to find another midwife,which there are alot here but i so am not into taking the time to interview and etc.I have no idea why but fate has intervened in all 5 of my pregnancies now so that i can not have the same midwife twice
with my first i had a wonderful midwife in WA.With my second we moved the San Diego and i found another wonderful midwife.Then with my third we went back to WA and i thought great i'll use the same midwife.But nope the midwife was going to be in England the whole month i was due.With my fourth we were back in San Diego and the midwife i used here before was no longer practising!So fast forward to number 5 and my midiwife schedules a trip the month i am due
so weird!

Ok sorry to hijack!I hope the above info on ins helps.
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Oh, so you are only seeing this doc once or twice before moving and using your DH's aunt midwife for a homebirth. I guess I was confused. I wouldn't worry if it's only 2 visits with the doc. Just smile and say yes and he will be happy and you can do what's best for the baby when you leave.

I was really feeling badly becasue I thought you would have this bad doc for the birth. Glad that's not hte case!! Good luck with everything.
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