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I have a box...Yes a box...of Veggie lasagna by PResident's choice...It's my fave.. 25% cheese...7 veggies...and 7 different cheeses...

I know I could make it myself, from scratch....without all the extra additives...if it werne't so expensive in the cheese dept... *sigh*

White and Yellow cheddar, mozza, ricotta, asiago, swiss, romano, and parmesan.

*sigh* It would be so nummy made from scratch..If cost werent a problem...

thanks for listening to my vent..

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You don't need that many varieties of cheese to make a tasty homemade lasagna! I just use the mozz, ricotta and parm. And the parm and mozz are things i tend to have on hand for other meals throughout the week, so it's actually pretty cost-effective.

Homemade lasagna is one of my fav ways to stretch our food budget and save time, since I can make so much of it at once and have several meals from it.
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