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It will feel so weird to not be able to post to this DDC anymore after Saturday... it seems like it's been such a huge part of my life for the past 10 months! I'll look for everyone in Life With A Babe...
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I've only been posting on here for a couple months but I'll miss it too especially since I'm still pregnant. When I read that about not being able to post anymore it made me start crying. Now I can't stop.
Can you PM the person who said they were going to shut it down, and tell her you are still pg? She might not realize there is anyone left...
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I'm leaving it up a few more weeks
no problem at all. I hate to leave a mama without a ddc.
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I am going to miss it to! I have been here everyday since the beginning! I am so glad there is still one of us pg. You can do it mama! Don't forget to post so I can add you to the announcements before it is shut down!
You all will be the first to know when this baby is born, I promise
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You are very strong for still hanging in there mama.
Wishing you a beautiful birth.
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It will be wierd to not post here anymore. The past 10 months have been great, and I feel so blessed to have shared this experience with all you wonderful women.

Way to hang in there and have a beautiful birth, reducereuserecycle.
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reducereuse! i'm so glad the ddc is going to be left up for you.
sending loads of easy smooth labour vibes your way.
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Good luck, RRR!!

I will also miss the DDC. I have been here since the day it opened as well, when I was looking desperately for some like minded mamas. This DDC was the reason I joined MDC and I will definitely miss it when it is gone....
I know I have not been around as much since Luke;s birth, but truth be told.. I am so tired most days i cannot see straight. There are so many questions I wanna ask, with issues I am dealing with, but my mind just is not processing like it used too *sigh* I hope that i will still be accpeted even though I am not around much lately. The first 3 months is always the roughest for me..After that I seem too regain my brain *lol*..This group has been a huge part of my life!
I feel so awful for not being around too reply too those who gave birth after me..
I'm really sorry about that.

On a Plus note.. I think we may be on the downward spiral of Colic, I wonder if there really is something too reaching the 11 pounds, and helping with Colic.. The last few nights, which I am probably jinxing myself.. Anyway..every night at 8:30 pm he would start and it would last until after midmight, but lately.. it is so NICE too have 8:30 come and go, then 9:30 come and go... with NO SCREAMING, it is now starting at 10:30 and lasting only an hr, and he seems too be calm after that hr.... He now weighs 11 pounds, so wondering if there really is something too this. He still gets gassy, but it is SOOOOOOOOOOO not as bad as it was early on...PHEW!!! Now if only he would friggin SLEEP!!! He may not be crying, but he does not sleep easily at night..I just do not get it..Nights and days mixed up most likely. This too shall pass eventually..
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PHP Code:
[CODE]<span style="color:#000000;"><span style="color:#0000BB;">I feel so awful </span><span style="color:#007700;">for </span><span style="color:#0000BB;">not being around too reply too those who gave birth after me</span><span style="color:#007700;">.. </span><span style="color:#0000BB;">Im really sorry about that</span><span style="color:#007700;">. <br></span> </span>

Don't worry about it. If my baby was here I'm sure I wouldn't have nearly as much time to be on MDC.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragement. I feel so great, not miserable at all. I don't know if that is a sign it is going to be much longer or what.
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