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Sign Language Interpreters

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I used to know a great deal of sign and I LOVED signing. There is a Sign Language Interpreter program at my local college and I would absolutely love to take it. Does anyone know what kind of job market there is for interpreters? In what settings do you usually work? Also, what is the pay like? (I know it varies around the country but specific examples make me feel better than the broad generalizations I can find online!)
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While I am not a sign language interpreter, I do know there is high demand for interpreters in the school district I live in. There is also a large need within the medical community for interpreters.

I am not sure what type of sign language you are planning to get certified in. SEE (singing exact english) or ASL(american sign language).

I know SEE because I plan on working with the pediatric deaf/HOH (hard of hearing) community.

If you want more info specific to your region I would contact the local school district in your area and ask to speak to the director of deaf/HOH programs. She should be able to tell you how much of a need there is for interpreting. Same for hospital administrators. They might be able to put you in contact with someone in your area who interprets.

Many of the interpreters I know make around $30 an hr (remember, I live in the midwest, so this number is lower here). They often set their own schedule and have a large amt of flexibility.

Hope this helped
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