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Signing question...

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So I've beens signing to my DD since about 6months.
I've been signing nurse, eat, cat, gentle, mom, dad, aunt, grandma, grandpa, finish, drink, more.
She understands the signs but the only signs she consistently uses are nurse and aunt (my sister loves that!), at 12months old. She's been doing both for about two months.
My question is at what point do they start using more signs? I know she understands the signs I do use, but she won't sign back. I've heard of them having a signing explosion. When does that happen typically happen? I would love to sign with her (I'm learning as I go) but I'm becoming discouraged after seeing little progress over the past 6 months, and am wondering if it's worth it. FWIW, she's not verbal at all yet so I really want this to work.
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Keep at it! Keep adding new signs too. For dd there was a real explosion somewhere between a year and 18 months.

The language explosion is not so much a matter of age as the number of signs acquired. I think it's somewhere around 10 signs, they start to realize, "Oh, I can communicate!" Stay with it. When it happens, you won't be able to keep up. And odds are, she has more signs than you think. It can just be so hard to recognize them because they aren't as precise as our signs.

And if you aren't doing this already, start signing on your daughter and signing on the object. Sign dog on a stuffed dog, or instead of signing dog on yourself, sign it on your daughter. That was what really made it accessible for DS.

Have fun!
My DD didn't really sign at all under around 12 months (well she'd been signing "all done" for a long time but I didn't realize it!). Then she picked up several signs in a month or two.
yeah, it takes a long time for it to click! but when it does, holy smokes.
don't be discouraged!!I know it's frustrating though. Ds took a while to get the hang of it and now at 21 months it amazes me how quickly he picks up I can show him once or twice and he surprises me by using it!! Keep it up. Even if dc is just taking it all in right now, it is definetly helping her brain development!!
Between 12 and 16 months, Alex went through a pattern of using signs often in imitation and having about 5-10 core words/signs that she would often use and they would change gradually from week to week. When she was less than a year, there were a few words/signs but very very few. I wouldn't say that she ever had a sign explosion but she had a language in general explosion (mostly words) between 16-18 months. Now she uses only a few signs and very rarely. She does "nurse," "more," and "dog," very rarely along with words, for emphasis. I'm glad I taught her signs because if I hadn't, that would have limited her already very limited vocabulary in the 12-16 month range. Also, I used "nurse" for months and months and months before she ever started doing it. And I hardly ever even did "more," but for some reason, she picked it up late and that sign is still important to her. She made up a few signs, too, which maybe she wouldn't have done if I hadn't started signing to her (or maybe she would have, who knows). The 12-16 month period was REALLY frustrating for me, but I'm glad I stayed with signing.
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Glad I found this thread! DS is 14m and pretty much only signs "Dog" all.the.time. He does "milk" ans "shoes" every now and then. I'm excited for the language explosion I keep reading about!
MY DS just recetly exploded with his signs & he just turned 19 mos. It literally happened over night. It was tough for me b/c at this age my DD ha well over a 100 signs & he had maybe 2. I can see now that he's gotten it & he's quite proud of himself.
Ditto to all the other posts! Keep at it and you'll be shocked! I've been signing to DD her whole life and wondered if she'd ever sign. Then "the explosion" came last month. It's so rewarding and satisfying for her to be able to communicate. I can't keep up with her. Anyone have a good signing book or video they recommend?? I need to keep learning too!!!
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