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Signing up for formula at midwife/OB appointments?

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How many of you were asked to sign up for the Similac or Enfamil clubs at your OB visits? This just makes me sick. They asked me to at my MIDWIVES' office. I thought that with midwives the emphasis was on natural childbirth. Shouldn't that extend to feeding too? I understand that the formula companies are insidious and unethical, but the fact that the medical establishment openly welcomes it makes me even less trusting. Hard to take your midwife seriously when she is scribbling away with her similac pen. It's a full on assault. They are trying to hook us before we even have a chance to let the pregnancy sink in.
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I got asked by the nurse at my OB office (so I could get my labs and U/S) and when I turned her down she got mad at me! You will get a free bag she said...Me: I don't want one! Her: They will send you literature. Me: I've read their literature and I find it inaccurate, biased and unsupportive of breastfeeding. She just rolled her eyes and left the room.

My midwife doesn't do any promotions and it's pretty much expected that you'll breastfeed. She was a low supply mama who only nursed her babes until they were 4 mo. old but she is so supportive of tandem nursing and extended breastfeeding. I find it odd that a midwifery practice would promote formula...
i never got asked by my mw. infact, she asks all her clients in the first appointment/interview if they will be breastfeeding. if they say no and it is not a medical reason why, she will not take them on.
It says in the packet my last midwife gave out early in pregnancy that if you have a homebirth, you are expected to breastfeed. This was a midwife I used w/ my 2nd child.

The midwives I used for my first birth, I don't remember whether they asked me how I would feed or not but I know it was in my birth plan. Last time I was there about 2 years ago, there was no formula crap anywhere to be seen. Unfortunately, for hospital births, they are more like medwives in many other respects.

It seems counterintuitive to have midwives hooked up w/ formula manufacturers. Unless it were my only option, that would be a good reason for me not to go with them. Just my $0.02.

I was never asked to sign up for anything, but I'm not surprised that OB offices do this. And I could see midwives in larger ob practices asking - they might be required to. But if a midwife in private practice, especially a homebirth midwife, asked me that I would find someone else.
Personally, I wouldn't sign on with a private practice midwife who is in cahoots with the formula industry. I realize that a CNM working with OBs is in the same office, so the setup is already there but I wouldn't be comfortable with that either myself.

Last time I switched from OBs to MW halfway through my pg so I did get one diaper bag with samples
: but this time I've not seen a doctor at all- and also not received a single ad, coupon or sample in the mail.
I also haven't shopped at Motherhood.

I hate throwing samples away (wasting) as much as I hate donating them (enabling).
Glad it's not an issue this time.
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This is so surprising to me. I've always thought that midwives and formula were two things that couldn't possibly be mentioned in the same sentence. I must be living in my own little dream world. My midwife donates office space for the local chapter of LLL - and I only have her as an example. I have had 2 home births with her and doubt that she would attend the birth of a non-bf mom. I also doubt that any soon-to-be mom could, after 9 months in this woman's care, bottle feed. I kind of gathered that it was the midwife's job to make sure of these things - I know mine does.
No, neither midwife clinic I've been to had any kind of fomrula promotion.
My OB office has all of the available formula promotions, including the Nestle Good Start "gift" basket for raffle and a large bottle of Similac Advance RTF in the welcome kit. I declined to sign up for the basket (in spite of the nurse's urgings - made it clear that I do not feed my children formula and don't support Nestle) and gave the sample bottle of Similac back to the OB. I will be leaving this practice in favor of a CNM practice with a baby friendly reputation as soon as I can
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I wasn't asked to sign up for anything at my OB's office, but the nurse did give me that gift bag at my first appointment. I opened it up right there, rummaged around, pulled out the formula and gave it back to her. She kind of looked at me funny so I said, "I don't need this stuff. I'm breastfeeding." She said, "Good for you." Then she suggested I wean my toddler, but that's a different story.

My OB hasn't mentioned breastfeeding at all, probably because she knows I'm already doing it with my toddler and plan to tandem (we talked about it and she is supportive). I don't know what the deal is with other mamas, but I would hope that breastfeeding is mentioned by the OB.
Nope, I never encountered the question with my midwife. I did, however, receive a lot of great BF info from her, including LLL info! I agree that Midwives and formula seem to be an oxymoron.

Originally Posted by turtlemama77
She kind of looked at me funny so I said, "I don't need this stuff. I'm breastfeeding." She said, "Good for you." Then she suggested I wean my toddler, but that's a different story.
Okay, like that makes sense.
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Originally Posted by busybusymomma
Okay, like that makes sense.

I know. I was kind of nervous because after she suggested weaning, I asked what the docs in the practice had to say. The nurse told me that the docs would want me to wean at 20 weeks. My OB has never worked with a breastfeeding pregnant mama, but has been very openminded. If the OB had hassled me, I was ready to walk and find alternative care.
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I was never asked about formula by my OB. The only mention ever about feeding was when he asked "You will be BFing, right?" And he has some really beautiful BF artwork in his office.
I recently found a weird lump under my armpit & had him look at it, he said it was a milk duct "thing" - which is what I thought & made a point of telling me not to stop nursing.
Never planned on it - but his support was really cool!!
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