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SIL wants to convert

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My SIL has been using cio/corporal punishment, etc with her two ds. Since SIL and I have started to become friends, and even more so since the birth of dc #3, she has started to see how her negative parenting is influencing her dc and her relationship with them. She wants to convert to GD but doesn't know how. She told me that she tried to nicely tell ds#1 to clean his bedroom and he just looked at her like she was crazy. She says now she has to be mean for ds #1&#2 to listen to her. Ds#1 has also started biting himself. So many other things, but I have started rambling. Any advice that she might be able to use? TIA.
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An excellent "first book" for peoplee totally new to the idea of GD is Parent Effectiveness Training" by Thomas Gordon. Also "How to talk so kids will listen..." by Faber and Mazlish. There's just no way to describe gd in a few words.

Oh, for short reads check out this site: and especially this page there
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