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SIL wants to try cloth! What would you give her?

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I am so excited! My SIL whose DD is about 2 weeks older than my DD is interested in trying out cloth! She thought about it when she was pregnant but then decided not to. I'm not sure what changed her mind (perhaps the cashmere Kiwi Pie I was showing off last time I saw her
), but I offered to lend her some things to try out.

I have a few small things she can keep if they fit, (her DD is MUCH slimmer than my DD), but I wanted to let her try some things out of our current stash (I totally trust her to take care of them and give them back-she's the ONLY person I'd even think about loaning diapers to), so she'll know what works best if she decides to buy some things.

What do you suggest I loan her? I've got a bit of everything except flats. My DD is bigger and way chunkier, so some of our stuff might not work very well on her skinny DD. What's good for skinny babies? What lured you over to the fluffy side? I don't want to make things seem complicated and scare her away, but I want her to have a variety of fun things to try.

I'd like to stick with things that are easy to get. We'd both feel awful if anything bad happened to something irreplaceable and I'd hate for her to have a tough time getting more of anything she likes (also, I don't want her competition on HC!

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I'm a FB and HH girl myself. Easy to use, easy to get, and cute.
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I like Fuzzi Bunz. I think they're easy to care for and I'm told that they dry faster than AIO's. Less laundry is great.
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I am new to Cding and so far I've only tried SBs and BG and I love them. They are soo easy. My dd is slim and both fit her great. The strechy tabs on BG make them seem more like sposies and are comfy for baby.
I guess AIOs and pockets are the way to go.

But what are BGs? I'm drawing a complete blank.
: She would probably love something disposable-like.

Unfortunately most of my stash is geared toward my light wetter who we do EC with. I'm not sure how heavy a wetter her DD is and I don't want her to have lots of leaks and get frustrated.

Thanks for the suggestions!
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I second the Fuzzi Bunz recommendation. We are new to CDing, and they have worked great for us.
I would do VB. Nothing to stuff or pull out. And they are nice and trim.
I'd give her one FB, SB, and BG to try. Make sure she has the option of aplix or side snap to see which she likes. Give her an AIO and then try just a cover and a few prefolds.
I'm all about the FBs! Those would be the first thing I would let a friend try. I haven't had experience with AIOs and all that, but the quick drying and disposable-like aspects really get me. Plus I LOVE the color choices
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I think Very baby aios w/ an extra doubler are the way to go. If she likes that (they are so close to sposies) then she can always explore other routes
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Yeah, I don't think she would be as impressed as I was with your collection of elbees
....I'd go with fuzzi bunz. When I "converted" I thought they were the coolest thing ever
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I'd lend her whatever velcro AIOs and pockets you have that don't wick (no cotton PUL!), plus fuzzibunz. they were my fav aio when I was using them
They are SUPER easy and inexpensive.
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I don't have any Fuzzi Bunz, but I am bringing her some Swaddlebees pockets (and praying they are absorbent enough for her
). I'll warn her that they may not work well and steer her toward other pockets if she likes the idea.

I've got a couple of AIOs in there, velcro and snapping. A few prefolds, some velcro PUL covers and a snapping wool cover. I threw in a couple of fitteds too, but I remember DH being baffled by those when we first started CDing.

If she decides to buy some things, I'll definitely pass along your suggestions on stuff I don't have!

And I've GOT to get some Very Babys for myself. I keep going and looking and filling my cart, and then wimping out at the last minute.
Plus, where does everyone even get all the adorable embroidered ones?

I did think about giving her an Elbee to try.
My number MIGHT be up in time for her next baby!

I'm bringing them today, so I'll report back soon!
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I didn't start CD'ing my son until he was a few months old, and thanks to a very dear friend of mine she showed me the light and lent me a bunch of different kinds of cloth dipes. I was able to try VB AIO's, FB's, Disposanots, etc.etc.... I found the FB's to be the easiest to deal with especially since I work full time (single mom). I have been using the same mediums forever and I LOVE my DS is a SKINNY little thing. Since then I have also added things like CPF's BSWW covers, wool longies, wool shorts, soakers - knit by me

anyways, give her one of each, make sure there is a FB and she will end up buying a mess of them
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