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Hello, ladies! :wave

I'm a new member here and love to read through the forums when I have a question about my little ones, this is my most trusted and favorite forum to browse through! :)

I have a 3 yr old daughter and an 8wk old boy. I have a few concerns about my DS and am wondering if anyone can help me? I'm curious whether my son may have mild silent reflux.

-fussy at breast sometimes, will pop on and off, refuse to eat, etc. act as though he wants to suck and gets frustrated
-crying for hours at evening/night… usually between 8p and 1a
-he spits up what I consider to be a normal this part confuses me…. With silent reflux I thought there was NO spitting up, and with GERD, I thought there was an excessive amount. When he does spit up, it doesn't seem to bother him a whole lot
-I BELIEVE I've heard him 'regurgitate' and swallow stuff …
-grunting often (during day and night), especially during sleep-- grunting, squirming, writhing around…this will sometimes wake him up. ** This is one of the big symptoms for me that I can't understand
-excessive gas/passing gas
-waking up after just having fallen asleep, with a sad face, crying
-suddenly waking up crying at night
-has a 'nasally' sound in his nose but when i use the bulb syringe, i have trouble getting stuff out

He is EBF. His diaper output and weight gain are both good, he tends to poop every couple days. Sometimes he has really fussy nights and is up until the wee hours of the morning fussing and crying, and other nights he just does the grunting/squirming for a while but no crying (though still unsettled until 1 or 2am). Some days he sleeps all day, others he is fussy when awake.

During his crying/fussy episodes, he can usually be distracted and it won't escalate into inconsolable crying when I vary tactics to distract him/keep him happy. Part of me has wondered if his fussiness/crying episodes are simply because he is overtired, as sometimes he will yawn and yawn, nuzzle against my chest/shoulder, etc. until he FINALLY passes out, though it often takes a while to get him to sleep.

I've tried gripe water when he's crying and sometimes it seems to help, but maybe that's only because it distracts him. We've been using Colief for the past three days, but I haven't noticed a difference.

Overall, I have to say he's a very social, happy baby (smiling, cooing, etc). He does not cry when laid down and sometimes seems happier "just chilling out" rather than being held endlessly by us, but I'm confused on these aforementioned issues. Is this all normal stuff, or is it a sign of something slightly off?

I apologize for the length of this post, but I figure I'd give as much information as possible. Is this all normal stuff that passes with time, or could it point to something wrong?

Thanks in advance!! :) :)

-- Mel

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Thank you, pokeyac! Hopefully I get some replies soon. Early on I suspected oversupply and overactive letdown (had it with my daughter too) but have taken measures to deal with both of those, and it hasn't reduced any crying episodes or symptoms. Thanks!
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