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Silly question - loose tea

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I ordered some of Snowboard Mommy's Pregnancy Tea and received it today. It smells so yummy. do I do with loose tea? The directions basicaly say to throw 2 tblsp in with boiling water. But then how do you drain the tea leaves out? And if I need some sort of tea apparatus, where do I find it?

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You can leave the tea loose in your cup if you want (they do this at our favorite Chinese restaurant) if you are ok with a few pieces landing in your mouth.

I have a tea ball, which is this little mesh ball that opens on a hinge and has a chain attatched. It's about the size of a golf ball. I think it came from the kitchen dept of Target, but it might have been a different store. If you look up "mesh tea ball" on you can see pics.

HTH! (and give us a review on the tea - I might need to order some! )
i use a tea ball as well of a small cup sized strainer works too.. if you dont have either let the tea settle and then pour the top stuff into another n\mug and leave the leaves in the bottom.. you may get a few more leaves in your tummy this way, but they wont hurt you
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Thanks. I just dumped it into 2 quarts of boiling water and then let it steep overnight. It looked so weird - all this foliage floating around in a glass pitcher!

This morning, I started off trying to drain it through a coffee filter and that was taking FOREVER. I dug around in my cabinet and found a wire mesh strainer (where did that come from?) and that worked great. A few small leaves got through, but not many.

I am now having my first glass of iced pregnancy tea and its pretty good! It has a very nice, mild flavor, pepperminty - but not too strong. I think I can handle 2 cups of this a day. At least its something besides water that I can feel good about drinking. (I did add a tiny splash of splenda coffee sryup, but will try without next time, since its so little I can barely taste it)

Anyway, good stuff. I recommend it.
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