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Silly question

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I bought some microfleece today...I need to wash it before I start on a project with it, right?

Yeah, silly question...but I warned you!
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It actually probably won't shrink, but you never know especially if it was just regular Joanns microfleece. I'm a little anal so I'd probably wash it, you probably won't need to though.
I prewash 99% of my fabric. Just habit I guess for some of them. Better safe than sorry.
I don't prewash my microfleece or my PUL. It won't shrink and I wash my diapers to seal holes before they go on baby so that gets the sizing out. I like to work with nice flat, non-static cling microfleece so just skip the wash before the sewing on that one. I've never had a problem.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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