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Silly Question

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I feel really silly asking this
, but I was just wondering... I've heard a few places that when laying on your side while you are pregnant, its better to lay on your left side... Anyone know the reason for that?
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I think it is supposed to be the ideal position for the most blood flow to the babies. I laid on my left side mainly but sometimes I just had to switch.
It improves the flow of blood and nutrients to your fetus and uterus and to help your kidneys get rid of waste and fluids (and better for digestion). I too switched back and forth occassionally, it depended on where the little ones where squiggling the most, but tried to stay on my left most of the time.
I also switch back and forth , but find that my left is more comfortable and seems to get my swollen feet back to normal-ish sooner.
Yeah, it relieves pressure on your vena cava (I probably have that totally wrong . . . whatever the main vein is that flows to your lower body is called).

I had a lot of contractions from about 20 weeks on and my doc told me to drink as much water as I could stomach, then lay on my left side. It always worked to calm things down (and I went to 39 weeks).
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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