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Subject: Simi Valley Hospital triggers gunpoint raid of midwife's office<br><br>
Marcia McCulley has 18 years of experience providing professional care for pregnant mothers. She is a nurse practitioner (NP) certified by the California Board of Registered Nursing, a Licensed Midwife (LM) certified by the California Medical Board, and has been featured in a Mothering magazine article. [<a href="" target="_blank">]</a><br><br>
On March 14, agents of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department stormed into her office with guns drawn, accompanied by representatives of the California Medical Board. They seized patient's charts and a scheduling book, and handcuffed Marcia to a chair for over two hours while they searched the office. She was detained in Ventura and released on bail late that night.<br><br>
Simi Valley Hospital is trying to shut down her office, located across the street from them. They filed complaints with both the Nursing Board and the Medical Board accusing her of practicing medicine without a license, despite the fact that Marcia has never posed as an MD or performed surgical procedures. The hospital had previously sent letters to Marcia's clients threatening to withhold emergency care if it was required, a blatant violation of EMTALA.<br><br>
Marcia's NP and LM licenses have been suspended pending further hearings. The California Board of Registered Nursing failed to file their paperwork before the deadline after the Interim Suspension Order. The office of the California Attorney General, who represents the nursing board, is still pursuing the case. The Medical Board Interim Suspension Hearing is scheduled for Friday, April 27, 2007.<br><br>
Please help! It costs nothing for a hospital to put a claim against a midwife’s license, but it costs a lot to defend it. You can mail contributions to this tax-deductible charity organization:<br><br>
The Midwife Defense Fund<br>
Attn: Mary Price<br>
P.O. Box 940682<br>
Simi Valley, CA 93094-0682<br><br>
If you would prefer to use PayPal, make contributions to kuhngale at earthlink dot net (Jill Kuhn) and she will forward your money to the fund.<br><br>
More information is available on this Yahoo group:<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Thank you for any support you can provide! That includes passing this story to anyone who could help in some way, especially if they are affiliated with media organizations.
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