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similar to kozy but in stock? HELP!!!

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I want to get a kozy for a desperate friend, but I don't want to wait the two week turnaround time.

So......what's the most similar mei tai that you can think of that's in stock ready to ship? Or, alternately, what's your OTHER favorite mei tai that's in stock ready to ship?

Spam me please!

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I'd check ebay. Many other WAHM's make them and for less than the Kozy's. I'd check out the shape and size of the body as well as padding for camparison to the Kozy carriers. Good luck!

Also, maybe check for wahm mei tais. has lots of mei tais in stock. I think the most similar that I like alot are the Sachi and Angelpack that are carried there.
good luck
Check the FSOT board at and you will find lots of MTs and even the occasional Kozy. I've heard doodlebug MTs are pretty similar, but they are made to order so take time. But again, you see them on FSOT at times.
I'm sure she will!

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I mailed her friend a used black Kozy this morning. (with a detached iris pocket)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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