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Simply Cloth

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This diaper is wonderful! I'm suprised there is no review thread yet!

The PUL is so soft I had no idea it was PUL- I thought it was a woven covering the PUL layer.

The soaker has plenty of absorption, with a fleece top to keep her dry.

The snap in soaker is great. Some of this style require you to manually align the layers of the soaker, holding it upright would cause the soaker to "unfold" or "unravel". With this one, however, I just hold it upright and it aligns itself.

The designer of this diaper has been a pleasure to work with. I just can not wait for her to reopen her store after her move!
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these diapers!!!
Julie is a dream to work with and is great with emails! These dipes fit dd so well, trim but still a nice cd butt
: I have her AIO's with fleece-topped hemp fold-over snap-in soakers. the soakers dry pretty quickly, which is a big plus. her fabric choices are adorable! the fleece-lined, hidden PUL shell is super soft too

I'm itching to try her wetbags!


So, I just had my first flat out custom experience with Julie and again, she was fantastic to work with! Her email communication can't be beat. She found Blues Clues and Sesame Street fabrics for me & made her great AIO's from them. Once the fabric was in, it was super fast turn around!

I also got my first wetbag in a gorgeous asian floral print.
It's great & works very well. No problems yet!
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Wonderful diapers.

Julie was awsome to buy from, she got my custom order done rather quickly and updated me while she was making them.

They are very cute. I love the way she does her snaps and inner fleece so everything matches.
We use them as AIOs or as covers over prefolds and we have yet to get a leak.
Her wet bags are great too.
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I can't say enough good things about Simply Cloth and Julie:

1) Well made, and functions great
2) She has beautiful, stylish prints

3) Fair, affordable prices
4) Awesome customer service: I had a problem with one of my covers being "crunchy", she took it back and replaced it with a brand new one (it turned out the cover just needed to be dried on hot again!! (I line dry all my diapers/covers)) But she was great about the whole thing

5) She's fast in shipping out customs

I could go on and on!
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I took had a custom order from Julie. It was the cutest Monkey PUL AIO. I loved the soaker design and had nothing but compliments on it from others. I
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