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"..... Which of these things just isn't the same?"

so I'm a dummy and consumed something the last 2 days in a row that isn't part of my typical diet and isn't great for me (or anyone) either. I should have known better, (I did know better) but, had it anyway. Lesson learned because now I'm bloated like you wouldn't believe (painfully so) and feel quite ill in the belly. Pretty much the way I felt every single day from childhood through about age 21 or so.

so out the the following list of ingredients, which would you suspect is the most likely offender? I'd like to avoid this reaction in the future. I assume the offender may be hiding in all sorts of pre packaged foods and who knows what my next binge may be!?!?

(listed in order. Meaning, listed in order of contents % from high to low)
~water (ok duh, but I'm listing it becasue that single ingredient makes me feel a little less dumb about consuming it
~high fructose corn syrup
~natural and artificial flavors (why aren't they required to be specific about this??)
~sodium chloride
~potassium chloride
~calcium chloride
~potassium phosphate
~calcium disodium edta
~niacinamide (B3)
~red 40
~blue 1
~pyridoxine hydrochloride (B6)
~cyanocobalamin (B12)

and you don't have to remind me why I'm an idiot for chugging this garbage... I already know
It was my birthday today, so I thought I'd make it uncomfortable and painful.

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I would go with the hfcs, personally, though the other things look nasty too. If you're sensitive to some "natural and artificial flavors" then that could be it.
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