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Singapore Math?

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Has anyone used the pre-k/k stuff for math or science? What did you think of it?
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I've been researching math programs for months and finally decided on this after looking thru the books and talking with 3 others locally that use it. I also read lots of good reviews on it and it seems to work well with kids that don't typically like worksheets. I'm actually getting the books tomorrow.
But I liked that they were simple pictures and nothing too complex to start. I liked that you can use whatever manipulatives you want with them. And it really is similar to some other prgrams at a much smaller price which is a nice bonus.
I did about 6 sample worksheets with my son and he liked them and we could talk about the pictures.
So I don't have tried and true experience with them but thought I'd share what I know...
My kids did Early Bird Math and really enjoyed it. My older DD did Early Bird 2, and my younger Dd did both Early Bird 1 and 2. Most of the lessons have hands on ideas using things around the house. (The only things I bought esp. for it were a balance scale and some pipe cleaners.) The lessons are fun and encourage thinking. Early Bird 1 is very, very basic. My younger DD did it when she was 4. Early Bird 2 is more K level. Both of my kids used it when they were 5.

Neither of my kids liked Primary Math, so we switched programs later, but Earlybird Math was a big hit here.
We use Singapore here, we started with 1B though. My kids love it. It's bright and colorful, it makes math easy to understand and it's fun. We thought the workbook was a waste of time though so we've started getting just the text book and , when necessary we make up our own problems for extra practice.

Good Luck

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I dislike the earlybird books and my son is hating 1b. I will be looking forsomething different for next yr.
I used a boxed curriculum last year and dd hated it. This time around, I did lots of research and decided on Making Math Meaningful Level 2 for her. Although, because of the attractive price and pretty colors, I decided to the EarlyBird 1A for my four year old. It is a little too early, but not if he likes it. I am testing the waters! LOL I ordered it yesterday from Rainbow.
As far as science goes, I think that experiements are the way to go for little ones. That was one thing that I did right last year LOL My kids now LOVE science. Check out Backyard Scientist (Love them),, or one of VanCleave's books. There are tons of science experiment books out there for early learners.
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