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How the #$%^ do you do it?! OMG. I am not actually single, but my DH is staffed out of town during the week (M-F) so it is just me and the babe (plus the two dogs). I was doing okay when I was on mat. leave because I could get essential household stuff (laundry, cooking) done during the day, shop for groceries (just wait for an alert non fussy baby time), plus get some sleep (by napping with the baby). Now that I have returned to work I am DYING. My baby is 12 (almost 13 weeks).<br>
The day starts at 7:15AM. If the baby is up I go get him and take him downstairs and let the dogs out. While the dogs are out, I do a diaper change and quickly throw the dog's food in a bowl. I let the dogs in & feed them. Then I nurse the baby (usually a long 30-45 min nursing session since he sleeps for 8-9 hours straight during the night). Then I do another diaper change and get him out of his PJs and into real clothes. Then I put the baby in the swing and quickly get dressed/brush teeth/put hair in ponytail. Then if baby is still okay in the swing I eat some breakfast. If baby is fussy I will put him in the sling and grab something I can eat while moving. If I have time, I try to squeeze in another nursing session (usually 10-30 minutes). Then I get all of the gear I need for the day (my lunch, my pump, & baby's daycare bottles) and put them in the car. Then I get the baby in the carseat and take him to the car. By this time it is usually 9:00AM or so. I then take him to daycare and go to work. I pump 4 times during the day at work (DS will not drink previously frozen milk so I need to pump all of my milk the day before), then go and pick DS up from daycare (between 5:45-6:15PM). We get home and I need to accomplish all of the following things...<br><br>
*Breastfeed DS 3-4 times (one of those is a fairly long 30-45 minute session, the others are normal 10-20 min sessions)<br>
*Pump one more time after DS goes to bed<br>
*Scald milk that was pumped during the day (I have high lipase and I need to *scald my milk or else it goes bad after 24 hours and I am desperately trying to build up a reserve for those bad days when I have less output than usual)<br>
*Take care of dogs (let out, feed, medicate, give some attention)<br>
*Wash & sterlize daycare bottles<br>
*Wash & sterilize pump parts<br>
*Make bottles for next day<br>
*Pack pump for next day<br>
*Make/eat dinner & clean up dishes<br>
*Bathe DS & get in PJs (plus other infant care as needed, diaper change, mommy time, etc.)<br>
*Put DS to bed<br>
All of this takes me from the time I get home 6:30PM or so until 1AM!!! Ack. I have no idea how to fit in things like laundry and grocery shopping (dinner is a huge struggle too...making it and eating it). Please help me!

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I am transitioning from sah to woh and my kids are 5 and 7 so I don't have any btdt advice.<br><br>
Might want to post in the working/student moms section, too.<br><br>

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Welcome to working mommy-hood!<br>
It was major blow for me, after my first son was born, now it's old had and I'm currently on day 5 of "I got maybe 3hrs of very fragmented sleep last night and no real rem sleep" and I can function for days without any sleep at all now.<br><br>
6am - baby wakes, nurse him for 20min or so<br>
630 - pee and jump in shower while baby snoozes in bed for a few extra minutes<br>
7am -dressed and working on getting both kids changed and diapered and dressed and such. Luckily older DS is now pottytrained (er, a few months after the baby was born?) and is really good at getting himself dressed now. but crabs cause he's tired and gets frustrated.<br>
730 - give older DS a banana or similar, baby playing on floor, pack up pump stuff, caffine for the day, make sure I have my blackberry, etc.<br>
745 - wait for dawdly DH to finish the heck up, load kids in car<br>
815 - arrive at daycare, 2 seperate buildings. Make sure baby's milk in fridge, hand off. Walk older kiddo to other building, repeat.<br>
830 - back on highway<br>
9am - arrive at work<br>
630-8pm - LEAVE work. (30min - 1hr commute depending on hour)<br><br>
then I get home, hurridly pee and change clothes usually, put milk in fridge and nurse baby. Baby falls asleep in my arms. DH picks up baby and puts him to bed. Make older DS milk and snuggle him while he drinks it.<br><br>
930 - kids in bed, start laundry, fold laundry, work on dinner for tomorrow, goto grocery store, pickup livingroom and vac....etc.<br><br>
12am-1am, plug in BB, and goto bed.<br>
Hopefully, I don't field any calls in the middle of the night!<br><br>
the other night, I got a call at 11, delt with it, tried to goto bed at 12, got woken at 2am, set alarm for 5am - showered and got ready (incl packing up cloth diapers and such) and nursed baby and put him to bed, left at er....545 I think and got to work around 615-630 so I could take my network down before anyone else came in...then got home at 8pm :S<br><br>
It's alot of DOES get easier though. Either your body adjusts or.... lol.<br><br>
From lots and lots of pumping exp (I pumped for 14m with first kiddo, and nursed til he was 2. New guy is basically nursing morning and nighttime with a little extra during the i'm down to not pumping much at all)<br>
Even with my long hours, I was able to wheedle down pumps.<br>
When I first got back to work (8w and 9w, respectively) I had to pump 3x. Every 3hrs basically. within a few weeks though I was down to 2x..<br>
I'd nurse baby around 7 am, arrive at 9, pump at 10-11, pump at 3-4, arrive home and nurse around 7ish.<br>
Now I can pump before I leave, or anytime really. but he's 1 now so I'm not overly concerned anymore. Wish he was nursing more, but first DS we delayed solids until he was 1ish, and he went right to table foods. New DS DEMANDED....seriously, DEMANDED babyfood. He eats 2-3 tubs a day now, and gets mad and refuses bottles and wants FOOD. He also only has two tiny teeth, so he can't really chew. He's mastered eating cheerios tho, even if you have to watch him REAL close. but even mushed up banana is too hard for him still.

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It gets better! I think the marathon nursing sessions started getting shorter around 4 months - I remember that all of a sudden it seemed like I had all this free time and I realized that his 45 minute nursing sessions had changed to about 15 minutes! (Of course, then come the solids and the amount of time that takes!)<br>
Some things that help me...<br>
Prioritize! My house is always cluttered, I screen all calls, the laundry gets worn out of the basket, the computer stays off when he is awake, I don't have a TV, the leaves don't get raked, carpet gets vacuumed once a month<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/dizzy.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="Dizzy">:..but for me those things just don't matter.<br><br>
After I get home from picking up my son at day care around 4:00 we take a walk, play, make music, eat dinner (me and him), then I get him ready for bed and he goes to sleep somewhere between 7 -8. Then I give myself 30 minutes to do the dishes<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/img/vbsmilies/smilies/dishes.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title="dishes"> and prep his bottles/food for the next day...and maybe sweep the floor before I take some 'me' time and read, surf the net or listen to music and get to sleep by 9:30 - I'm up at 5:45 and off to daycare/work at 6:45. Shopping and laundry is reserved for weekends, except the cloth diapers I have to throw in sometime during the week.<img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="wash"><br><br>
I realized when I went back to work that something was going to have to give and I didn't want it to be time with my, basically I let everything else go - which was a drastic change from how I lived before. I figure he's only a baby once <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="" style="border:0px solid;" title="smile"><br><br>
Best of luck with it all - I actually live quite close to you - in Athens. I used to live in Atlanta...I hope you don't have to spend too much time commuting to work day care - I know that can really add onto the length of the day.

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u know, i DREAD this. i just gave birth 11/26 to my son Sheamas and i now can't even bear to think of leaving him w/ anyone to WOH. i must find something to do so i can SAH. i'm sooo in love w/ my little guy...<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a>
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