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Sinus congestion not moving in 3yo

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DD both had a mild cold about a week or so ago. We both now feel fine but DD sounds really nasally -- her nose is not running at all and she feels fine, but she sounds like she has a clothespin on her nose. Apparently there is some upper sinus congestion that is not moving??

How can I move that congestion? We've put a vaporizer in her room at night but the a/c seems to cancel that out.

She is scheduled for hernia surgery in 2 weeks and I want her to be at optimal health to have that done.

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use a hot air humidifier and place it on a bedside table. Block the a/c vents to her room if there is not enough steam building up, also, elevate her head/torso so her sinus' can drain. I wouldn't worry too much though, whenever i get colds there is the stuffy phase and then the runny phase about a week later.
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