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sinus infection and antibiotics - wwyd?

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I just got back from the doctor's office with my 6 year old. I took him in for pink eye, which he does have. He has also had a cold for 11 days now, so the dr thinks he has a sinus infection. He prescribed an antibiotic. I am not nuts about starting him on this because I don't think he really needs it.

Don't colds usually last 10-14 days anyway? We are within that window and he doesn't have much in the way of symptoms other than a runny nose and occasional cough. No fever, no lethargy, appetite is fine. This doctor, I think, usually prescribes antibiotics too readily. The other doc in the office, who I usually see hardly ever does. You could have green pus dripping out of your nose and he wouldn't - lol. He would say that is your body's natural healing process. I usually go to him and would have today because I did not think we could possibly need anything other than the pink eye med. I took the later app't with the first dr only so my toddler could get a longer nap. That teaches me a lesson!

So, I am hesitant to start him on this. I did get the prescription filled. A part of me (a huge part) wants to wait it out until Sat, which will be day 14 of his cold and see if it clears on it's own. But, the antibiotic he was given says that any unused amount needs to be thrown out in 10 days, so if I wait even one day, he won't get the full dose if he needs it.

So, what would you all do? I'm leaning towards waiting it out, but don't want to go back with my tail between my legs to get another prescription if it does turn out to be a real sinus infection. I think he would have more visible symptoms if he had that?!

Thanks in advance!
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I am all for waiting it out and that's what I always did with my three kids. Once we went so far as to the emergency room parking lot. Then I decided if within 1 hour my child was not better (whatever it was....) we'd go in. But he got better almost as soon as we got near the hospital.

I don't know how often I threw a prescription away?

Well, that was many years ago because my kids are now 37,36,34.
Not one of them ever had abx until they went to college and not one of them had a cavity until their college years either.

BTW, I have an 8 y. old grandson who has never been on abx either.

I am for waiting it out.
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i'd wait too. but if you fill the prescription and don't use it - please don't just toss it. contact your local drug store or fire station for proper disposal.
I'd wait it out too! Dh has had chronic sinus infections all his life that were due to taking too many antibiotics since it put all that bad yeast in his body. He has since gone on a candida diet (4 yrs ago) and has never had another sinus infection. Now, he won't take antibiotics unless it's critical.
I was just going to post asking the very same thing! My son is 5.
He had quite a bit of pain around his eye and nose yesterday and the day before (for a couple of hours each time) and fatigue and a low fever, so I went in to the doctor this morning with him. He said he did have sinus infection - he also had a cold for approx 2 weeks before. But he seems fine now, no complaints about pain, no fever, and I'm wondering what to do as well. We;ve gone to pick up the Rx, but here's the thing; we're supposed to travel by car to another city 5 hours away on Thursday.
Skip the trip? Give the antibiotics?
I hate making these decisions... :-(
Using abx all too often causes sinus infections to become chronic. This time of year, especially, children do get colds, (sometimes allergies that seem coldlike, etc.) Just hang in there and wait it out, let your child rest, fluids, maybe even pain relief meds if you get tired. There's so many threads about all the things they can take, just do a search.
Being sick is a good thing. I know it is hard when they drag on and on, though.
well, if you've filled the rx, i'd say go on the trip and take the rx with you. if your dc seems to start feeling crappy, then start the rx. but be sure to also bump up probiotics as well.

my ds is going through another allergy cycle - snotty nose, congestion, cough. after 2 weeks, though, it looks like it might be subsiding a bit. and our new doc agrees that antibiotics aren't needed for this particular cycle.
If he has no classic gross sinus infection nose discharge, and is not complaining of pain in his face/teeth, I would definitely wait it out.

FWIW, if you got a typical antibiotic (I don't know about the compounding pharmacies) that they mix, you can request that they NOT mix it, but let you do it at home. I do this now after my guys had strep at the same time--one had EXTRA doses, the other came up 4 short. I called th doc, and she said to mix it myself (with filtered water). The bonus is, the expiration doesn't start til it's mixed.

I hope he's feeling better soon! I'm afraid my 3yo has a sinus infection, given 4 weeks of huge amounts green/yellow thick goop with no other cold symptoms. But he doesn't complain of pain, at all. But waiting isn't doing anything for us yet....

based on his symptoms, i'd totally wait it out. i think that whole "cold lasting more than 10 days means it's infection" thing is kind of bull. sometimes it just lasts a bit longer, how can you really put a limit on it?

some things you could try in the meantime are GSE, apple cider vinegar, fresh garlic, a humidifier. i would wait and if it really is an infection after all, see if you can go to the different doctor and get another prescription. i always take the "wait and see" route now, and since i've been doing that, neither of my kids or myself has been on abx, and are very healthy (in fact, we get sick LESS often!)
I would wait it out also, if he has no other symptoms (fever, etc.) We've had sinus infections turn into secondary bacterial infections and needed the antibiotic, but we had a fever with it.
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