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sinus pain - WWYD?

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2 weeks of sinus congestion and now it seems that my efforts to avoid drugs have been thwarted.

I've had this cold/allergic reaction for 2 weeks now - it was manageable and seemed to be clearing up, until Wednesday. I had been taking Emergen-C once a day; sodium ascorbate periodically through the day (i never ever reach bowel tolerance); grapefruit seed extract orally 3 times a day (for a yeast infection) - except Wednesday because I forgot; vitamin A capsules (60,000 IU per day for the past 2-3 days). Wednesday afternoon, I became feverish and weak-feeling. By Wednesday evening, my sinuses were packed - my teeth hurt and my head felt like it would burst whenever I bent over to pick up ds (unfortunately, a lot!). I was definitely running a low-grade fever (100 degrees on the nose). Yesterday I stayed home from work and started taking generic Sudafed non-drowsy decongestant/expectorant (30 mg pseudoephedrine HCl and 200 mg Guaifenesin) - yay no more fever. I also filled a bowl with hot water and some eucalyptus oil and did a head steam bath 3 times yesterday. This morning I felt better but now, my sinuses are throbbing again even though I'm continuing the nasty drugs. At least I'm able to blow goo out of my nose and it is no longer scary green but nasty yellow. And I'm reviving my mama's milk tea now too, to combat potential supply issues.

I would really like to avoid antibiotics. I don't really want to take a pain reliever but I do want this blasted thing to end. I'm not sure if I should go to the doc's office tomorrow (they're booked today so I'd have to go to a scary walk-in clinic or I can wait until tomorrow). A doc is probably going to prescribe some potent antibiotic which I'll then look up - on the spot - in my copy of Hale and probably tell the doc "Nope, sorry, can't do that one, try again". And then I'll also have to have the doc prescribe something for the yeast infection that I will probably get...

WWYD? What have I not tried that I should try?
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