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sinuses,cayenne, and breastfeeding?

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I just read through the posts on cayenne but they didn't quite answer my questions.
I've had a sinus headache and congestion for about 2 weeks. My allergies have been bad, bad, bad for about 2 months. I finally went to the dr last friday and he said water, tea, steam baths. Which I was already doing. These things definitely make me feel better but it's not going away. I want to avoid an antibiotic
Now my 6 month old is congested. I've been taking her in the bath with me and using the bulb syringe... which helps. I started her on a homeopathic allergy med this afternoon, so I'm hoping that helps. It's children's allergy relief by Natrabio... anyone tried it? I'm still almost exclusively bf'ing, she gets tastes of food at dinner time, some oatios and very occasional organic teething biscuits.
I was reading in an herbalism book today that cayenne works wonders on noses. But it didn't describe how to take it. I bought cayenne pepper off the spice rack today... any suggestions what to do with it? Will it affect my bm? And is that ok or (hopefully) beneficial for her?

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Do you have a HEPA air filter in your bedroom? It's great to have clean air to filter out any airborne allergens, and you can also move it to other rooms of the house where you spend time during the day.

Here's a page from Kellymom on natural remedies and drugs for allergies compatible with breastfeeding - you might get some ideas here.

As far as the cayenne, it might flavor your breastmilk but it won't harm your dd. You can buy it in capsule form or buy empty capsules to put it in to take orally. I would be cautious not to take too much, for fear that it might upset your stomach.

thank you Jane!
I ended up making a broth for myself with the cayenne in it. i found a recipe in an old post. I love spicy... so it's yummy and the steam helps too!
i don't have a HEPA filter... will have to save for one. It's a really good idea considering all the allergies around here.
I've continued the euculyptus (spell??) steam baths and the homeopathic allergy med though she still has a little cough, it sounds like a bark, but only happens occasionally at night and in the morning. I'm going to call our ped tomorrow. I want to nip it in the bud before we leave to visit family on Friday.
I'm also thinking about borrowing a cool mist humidifier and putting tea tree oil and euculyptus in that. I read that it's antiviral?

I also upped my water intake dramatically. that's probably doing more good than anything else!
Kellymom is a good site!
Thanks again...
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