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Sippy cup recommendations.

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Hi all,

Well after trying all kinds of bottles my DD to date has refused ALL of them. So I am coming on here because someone recommended to me to go straight to sippy cup and skip the bottle, especially since my DD is almost 5 months.

So, did anyone have better luck with sippy cups over bottles? If you did, which brand/type?

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Jack never took a bottle...but he learned to drink from a straw at 6 months....he is now 2.5 and has never mastered drinking from a regular we have the stainless Thermos brand cups with pop straws...we love them...

Dd would never take a bottle either. She would either take the milk being fed by a spoon or drinking from a cup with help. As far as sippy cups, she liked the Born Free ones that are easier for babies to use since they don't have to suck so hard on them. They sell them at Whole Foods.
My eldest used straw cups. She wouldn't use sippies at all. Middle & youngest can use any sippy; I've usually bought the little Gerber cups 'cause they're the cheapest.
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