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A nurse who treated childhood paralysis and went against the establishment.

A movie was made about her by the same title, starring Rosalind Russell in 1946.

Some names you may recognize who were treated by Sr Kenny ...

Alan Alda
Martin Sheen
Robert Anton Wilson
Marjorie Lawrence
Rosalind Russell's nephew
Peg Kehret
Dinah Shore

Her treatment? It was to apply hot packs, wraps and massage to the afflicted limb. This was in contrast to the conventional medical protocol of isolating the afflicted limb with a brace.

Sister Kenny visits McDonnell to tell him of her new treatment, but instead of congratulating her, he tells her she may have caused much harm ... He takes her to another doctor working on polio, who tells them both that her theories of how to treat the disease goes against the science of the past 50 years and cannot possibly be accepted as medical truth. Even when Sister Kenny brings in Dorrie to dance and do cartwheels, Brack instead contends that Dorrie never had infantile paralysis in the first place.
Sound familiar?
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