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Sitter offered to take baby overnight

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So, I really wanted to go out with a friend tonight and when I called up my sitter she said I should just leave ds (who is almost six months old) with her overnight since I had no idea what time I'd be back. DH has a cold and is working 16 hour days so it would be really nice for him to get a full night's sleep (he always wakes up when the baby cries, even if I'm the one taking care of him.

DS is totally used to the sitter and her house as he goes there every day when I'm at work. I have no worries about his safety... I just worry that he'll miss me (or maybe more that I'll miss him).

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For me, 6 mos would be too young to be separated from my baby overnight (not that that makes it too young for you).

DD had her first overnight at my parents a few weeks ago (she'll be two in June) and I didn't sleep AT ALL that night. I knew she was fine. She was with my parents who love her dearly. She's very comfortable with them and sees them several times a week. But it was still the strangest feeling in the world not to have her in our house.

It was important to me that DD was verbal before we attempted a sleepover. I wanted her to be able to tell me if it was ok. (And she did tell me...over and over...what a great time she had.
) Also the next time we did a sleepover I talked to her a lot about it...since she now knew what it meant to "sleep over nana and grandpa's house" and she was VERY excited to go, which made me feel good.

Doh! DD needs me....

Good luck mama!

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I wouldn't at all.That's far too young. Are you not breastfeeding?
6 months would be way too young for me to leave my child. Unless I had to for work, my 6 month old baby would be with me. Are you nursing? Won't this affect your supply?
I had plans of doing an overnight when DS2 was that young, but about 2 AM I changed my mind, haha. He did good though and was sleeping when we went and picked him up. My MIL said that he fell asleep no problem with a bottle of EBM and I gave her my pillow slip for him to lay on so he would smell me. You would probably have to pump at least once during the night.
Another vote for NO WAY!!!

Dh and I have never even left G with a sitter for a couple hours. There is no way we could leave him all night.
Yes, I had planned on pumping *at least* once... now that I say that I realize that I wouldn't get a full night's sleep anyhow.

Decision made... thanks mamas!

BTW it was much more helpful to hear I thought about it but or not the right choice for me than I would never even consider it type dialogue. Tells me you understand where I'm coming from.

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i wouldn't do it. if it was an emergency than the only person in this province i'd leave my son with would be my sister-in-law. i'd be super hesitant still and probably not sleep a wink! i'm stressing out just thinking about it and haye is sleeping in our bed about 8 feet away from me! i think especially if you are breastfeeding it would be difficult.
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