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Sitting here grinning at the computer screen....

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So bright! lol I hope they are a perfect fit!! Oh and cute cat!!
Beautiful!! I have two soakers from her and they are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait until I can afford more.
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What a windfall of fluff luck lately! Cute longies all finished, scored a RB wooly pullie custom slot, got on the list for woolie fulies and cloud covers from Pickle Pants yesterday.....

now off to ebay my coveted gree KSS pants with the ladybugs and fireflies to pay for it all!
(J/K it's all good!)
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They look great!! I just got a custom spot today.
Those are so cute! I hope I can get some soon.
How cute! I love the orange cat on the butt
Reminds me of my beloved orange tabby "Ernie" who went to kitty heaven last week. (sorry, I didn't mean to make this such a downer of a post) Hmmm. . . now you're giving me ideas. . . maybe I need to get myself, err my ds, a soaker with an orange cat on it.
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YAY!!!! So cute! I'm so happy for you! PLEASE tell me you are joking about the KSS longies
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Originally Posted by tnrsmom
They look great!! I just got a custom spot today.
Oh I'm so jealous!! So what are you going to get?
Oh I just love those green KSS pants (I remember when Karen first posted pics of them - I think that's how my wool obsession was started
! What size are they?
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They're size large, and yes I just listed them. I'm kinda sad about it but I NEED PAYPAL to pay for the RB Wooly Pullie I just scored and my elbee order that'll be up this summer (maybe in the next month). I put a high start bid so maybe no one will buy them and I'll just *have* to keep them.
OH NO the horror! LOL
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Those are so sweet. I want some longies!!!
Beautiful!! I really need to start saving some money so my DC can each have at least 1 pair of longies! They have tons of soakers but no longies. I didn't get a custom slot today but hopefully I will next time. She does a great job!
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