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sitting up?

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well i am new to this as a first time mom, but i just wanted to know about what time range do babies start sitting up. i know can vary a lot, its just that my 4.5 month year old is sitting up and people keep commenting on how early that is (i didnt think so, but then i dont really know thru experience), and not all comments positive, some are like it will hurt his back/spine doing it so soon. it sounds like a crock of sh%t to me, but just wanted to check as a paranoid first time mom.
esp as he loves sitting up so we play a lot like that on the floor all day.

sorry for daft question and thanks for your time
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It's a little on the early side, but I don't see how it could hurt him any. All babies develop differently. I think 'average' for sitting up is right around 6mos. of age. My older ds was sitting up at 5mos. I think my new baby will sit up early, as he loves to sit up! He has been rolling over for over one month now and his ped. commented that he may crawl early, etc. It seems that people will find something to comment on no matter what.
im a 1st timers too.. my son sat up supported at 3 months and by 4.5 months reptty much independent by 5 months he could sit up adn twist side to side to reach.. now at almost 8 months he can get into sitting by himslef, crawl, pull himself up, starting to climb , cruises on furniture and can walk if you hold his fingers.. I think you just have a early bloomer also.. btw it cant hurt their spine.Dont listen to those BABY TRAINERS (people that tell you how to parent).

Michele Hobbs
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My first son sat up at 6 months and my second son sat up about that same time. My kids were more interested in being on their tummies and crawling. My second ds has been crawling since a little before 6 months.

All babies are different!
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If they're doing it on they're own it's not going to hurt spinal development.

Originally Posted by Ravin
If they're doing it on they're own it's not going to hurt spinal development.
This is interesting to me, because I was reading and researching and I keep seeing the 'professionals' say that a baby will sit up on their own, but in the next paragraph they talk about the importance of the parent 'teaching' the baby to sit, what is 'normal' or the 'right' way?

Do I teach my baby to sit up or do I let her do it on her own?
Sarah's been sitting up without help since 3 months. My mil told me it would cause her back to curve, but honestly, if her bones weren't strong enough, she wouldn't be able to do it. (She also told me my daughter will be bow-legged because she's been able to stand assisted since 2 weeks.)
It's rickets and other nutritional deficiencies that cause bow-leggedness, not early standing. Babies have their own developmental timelines, and they do things when they're ready. If she wasn't ready, she wouldn't be doing it. BTW, my DD was 5 months.
Our dd is shy of 3.5 months and she has been sitting up too! (supported of course) but she really wants to and gets fussy if we don't help her! Like the pp said I think it's fine & natural when they do this on their own! Guess we have early bloomers...wondering what's next!

Take care!
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Wow, that is so early!
Ds is 6 months and just started crawling...but we can not leave him alone to sit up by himself bc he will fall over for sure. i guess babies just develop at very different rates and in different ways!
Goodness, that is kinda early. But cool, though.
I had the opposite problem with ds#2. He was actually CRAWLING (not scooting, CRAWLING--the pediatrician almost flipped out) at 3 months. That kid did NOT wanna be still for any reason once he figured out how to go places. When he was 7 1/2 months old, I actually had to "make" him sit still long enough to learn how to sit up on his own. I didn't let him cry at all, but he wasn't crazy about the idea--he kept crawling off. :LOL He figured it out after about a week and then the following week he started RUNNING. Not walking . . .RUNNING! :LOL (And yes, he has shown me a whole new meaning to busy!! :LOL )
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Just to chime in on every child, every possible developmental road... my dd was about 5 months sitting, six crawling, eight walking, etc. My ds is now 6 mos and can barely sit, does a GREAT boat pose, but can't get to sitting, crawl, or anything. He loves to stand with his hands held, he's just different. I agree that if their musculature can handle sitting, then it's fine. Even somewhat assisted, like pillows etc., it's not going to hurt them. But having a fast developer means you need to babyproof better and faster, too! LOL. good luck scubamama! andy
There are all different definitions of sitting up. My baby sat up at 3 months, but we also had to be around to help support her. She is 6 months, and I still do not trust sometimes that she won't I put pillows around her when I have to go into the kitchen to do stuff and once in awhile she'll topple over. So right now, she isn't sitting up independently just yet.

I agree with the posters to just let nature take it's course. THAT is what I trust above what a doctor tells me. I look at doctors as a resource only, not as an authority on children. I received too much bad advice from pediatricians so I trust my motherly instincts and nature more now.

hi mammas
well this was my very old thread revived, and i can assure you that ds (now 18 months), is fine healthy and a crazy little thing.
I look back at things i used to worry about and it seems so funny now of how much i used to take to heart what people said, now i think i am more confident in my own abilities as a parent, and i am looking forward to being more relaxed with #2.
my daughter started sitting unassisted at 3.5 mo. and she has a great posture.
Each kid develops differently~
Yep, my son was sitting unassisted at around 4 months...he's almost 9 months and very close to walking. Didn't hurt him one bit. That's a weird thing to think...that sitting early is harmful...odd. I'd ignore those weird comments
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Today my baby sat up all by herself!!!
I never once helped her.
: I guess I wanted to know if babies really would sit up on their own.
She pushed herself up into a sitting position but then got stuck. :LOL
She kept looking around like "Now what do I do?" :LOL
I did pick her up and put her back on her stomach. She has been crawling hands and knees for two days now.
Today she also pulled herself up in a kneeling position, by using the bookshelf. Scared me! I was worried the bookshelf was going to be pulled over on her. I think I scared her, too, because I gave a little yelp and ran and picked her up and moved her.
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My dd has been sitting unassisted since 4 months.

My DS started sitting at 3.5 months, propping himself with his hands. He could sit completely unassisted (reaching for toys with both hands) by 4-4.5 months. I think 6 months is average, so 4-4.5 months is pretty early. Nobody commented on my DS sitting so early because he looked like he was 7 months when he was 4 months (complete with two teeth! :LOL ).
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