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size 6 MAma Patagonia-joie jeans-D & G -need paypal.

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I need some paypal---going to start cleaning out closets----Will group all size 6 ish items here as I find.

WACOAL bras---Black lace 34 C --tan lace 34 B Both for $10 shipped or $6 each shipped.......

New Tags on Jones NY silk button down shirt--bronzy/brown (saddle is the color) $100 originally--marked down to $50----size 4
$12 shipped

Nicole ****** size 6 shorts--funky blue optical print----dress shorts.
$12 shipped

KENAR Studio---Linen short shorts--size 4--liliac purple color
$10 shipped

Patagonia Organic Cotton shorts--nantucket red--size 6 --great condition
$16 shipped
Joie ---capri cargo pants---size 26--which is size 6-- Pale Pink---these are $$, sold at Neiman Marcus-----these are in great condition---look like the olive green CROPPED PANTS here--but pink-----> url=[/url]]/url
$45 shipped
D&G--turquoise Dolce & Gabanna pants --capri--w/ cargo pockets--size 26 waist-----(tag on back says: It's my body..but I share.)
$45 shipped

I can e-mail pics of any to anyone interested..Thanks!
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