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I'm eventually going to order this type of product (don't know which one yet, probably just the least expensive), but have a question as to which size. I've seen that you should order one size before childbirth, and the other size after.

I know that the deciding factor is vaginal childbirth, but don't know if I "qualify" for that, LOL (I know - what a thing to not know, right?).

I ended up having DS by c/s, BUT I had completely dilated and had pushed him down so far that we could touch his head before he got "stuck", so I *think* that cervically (is that a word?), it's like I had him vaginally.

I'm guessing the sizing is based on cervical changes after dilation (?), but don't know for sure - anyone know?

Okay, now I feel like a weirdo, but I figured it's better to ask than to order the wrong size.

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