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sizing question

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I am going to order a set from wiggle worm bottoms and I was just measuring my son and He's 11 mos old, 18lbs 12 oz If I measured right(first to Cd just recently and haven't offcially crossed over need the stash still hehe) his rise is 15" and his waist is 19.5" He's 28" long

Looking at everything that she has listed he could really fit into any of the sizes except the small based on size only. I am not sure I want to get medium but I know he's still growing so I learn towards a large

Advice of you wise ladies is appreciated
weight: 9-15 pounds
rise*: 16 inches
waist: 13-20 inches

weight: 13-23 pounds
rise*: 18 inches
waist: 16-22 inches

weight: 18-30 pounds
rise*: 19 inches
waist: 18-25 inches
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I tried the getting a large bc he will grow thing with some covers. They are just way way way too big and I had to go back and buy mediums. I would go with mediums.
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Thanks! That is what my gut is telling me.

Starting out is so complicated.
I'd say medium also. My son is 23 lbs, has a 17" waist and the medium is a great fit. I thought it would be too small when I saw it, but it fits just right.
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