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Skin Deep - reliable?

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I've been referred to the Skin Deep website and I'm just curious if anyone can tell me how reliable it is? I've been surprised as I've browsed different products to see Burts, Tom's, Aubrey Organics, Terresentials all come under the moderate concern category at different times. It's kind of discouraging to think that I could be buying "natural" products from my HFS and still be doing harm.

ETA: Overall, Burt's Bee's and Kiss My Face are both put in the moderate category!!! This is what's available to me locally. I feel like this is such an uphill climb ::sigh::
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I was surprised to see that Burts Bees was moderate, but thats overal - I would look at individual items to see which ones to avoid, and which ones are ok. I was pleasantly surprised to see my Neutrogena moisturizer was a "good" and shocked to see my Aussie shampoo was a moderate, and nearly a bad. I won't be buying *that* again.
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One thing you can do is take a detailed look at WHY there is a moderate saftey warning on items. Some of their reasons for marking up a score just are not relevant to me. For instance, Burts Bees lipstick got a "moderate" score of 1.3.
Part of the higher rick scoring is due to the fact that the product contains lanolin, which they say has the "potential to instigate immune system response that can include itching, burning, scaling, hives, and blistering of skin (sensitization)" and can "pose skin or sense organ toxicity hazards."

Now, since I'm not allergic to lanolin, I don't really count this as a personal hazard, you know?
I think the skindeep website is quite reliable. I've recommended it to many people. It's been said many times that just because a product is marketed as "natural," doesn't mean it's completely inert. We all love our Burt's Bees and Jason products, but some of those things do contain chemicals and parabens. I think the brands we are all familiar with as natural and tuned-in parents are good overall and moving toward getting better (like Avalon Organics). I use the site to make more informed choices. I would choose a product that is moderate over one that is higher risk. And if I can find a product that is low risk, I'll choose that one. As far as informative sites go, that one is number one in my book!
I love the skin deep website, however, I only use it to reference specific ingredients in a product, and then use my own judgement. Like Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are my household staple. I use it for everything, literally. It got a warning on the site, because it contains hemp oil. For me, I don't mind using hemp products, so I don't worry about it. It's really about personal preferences, and making sure that you aren't using something really icky!!

Originally Posted by Glover_Girls
We all love our Burt's Bees and Jason products, but some of those things do contain chemicals and parabens.
FWIW, Burt's Bees does NOT use parabens.
True...I may have mis-spoke about Burts Bees not containing parabens. Some Jason products do. I do use both Burt's Bees & Jason products.

I think point has been made previously that we check labels and decide what is tolerable to us. And that not all products marketed as "natural" truly are. Most of us seem to know the mainstream products out there. I've also learned about some new ones too which is fabulous.
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