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Skin Protectant Solution

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Geeze, I couldn't for the life of me come up with a good title for this post.
Just wanted to share the brain wave I came up with.

DS has sensitive skin. When I change his nappy I put a layer of olive oil (and sometimes GSE) on his bottom to keep off the moisture. I used to put a couple tablespoons in a plastic yoghurt cup and then recycle cup and get a new one when the cup was empty. He recently got yeasty and it occured to me that I was likely causing it. I think dipping my fingers back into the cup was causing it to harbour bacteria.
So today I picked up a pretty little blue glass dropper bottle. I filled it with the olive oil and a few drops of GSE. Voila! No cross contamination problems anymore. I picked up a second bottle while I was at it so I'll have one for DD when she's born.

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Oh good idea! I always use a new finger when I dip back in!! I am always yelling at DH about this. Another solution is those great spray bottles- like a spritzer. I put my solutions in those and mist DS's bum (or mine!!) Right now I have collodial silver (500 ppm) and aloe juice in a bottle. Soooo soothing!
I like that spray bottle idea. It would be even easier to use. Doesn't the oil clog it up though?

It might clog up, especially the olive oil. A lighter oil like apricot kernal might be okay. The spray bottles are only like $2 each so even if it didn't work you could save your mixture and just be out a bottle. Might be worth a try!!

There are those mistos that are for cooking! I thin pampered chef sells them too. They spray out the oils so maybe it would work
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I love my misto, but I don't want to be tempted to put my son's bum on the grill after. :LOL

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