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Skin tags and pregnancy?

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Ok, I'm having another skin issue. You know besides the ridiculous acne (which I've learned to live with). When I was pregnant with my daughter, I developed a tiny little bump on my left shoulder that rested directly under my bra strap. It didn't hurt, didn't change size once it reached a certain point and was only bothersome because I'm paranoid. I showed it to my doctor and he said he had no idea what it was but I shouldn't worry. So I didn't and at about 8 months post partum, it went away.

However! Here I am pregnant again and it's back. And I'm paranoid again, so I spend several minutes a day poking it and wondering what the heck it is. A friend of mine mentioned she got skin 'tags' with her pregnancy and I'm hearing now it's fairly normal, but this is more bump than tag. Anyone experiencing anything like this? I was thinking it was from wearing a bra constantly, but that hasn't changed since it went away, so who knows? I'm going to run it by my (hopefully) new ob next week (since my midwives are closing).

Basically I just need you guys to tell me to quit obsessing over it and leave it alone until I see the doctor.
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You could be developing a mole. The exact thing happened to me on the side on my breast about where my bra hits. It felt more skin related than a lump in my breast (I would have flipped), but it has slowly become more brown and appears to be just a small mole (I hear they can crop up too). Maybe it never fully developed when you were pg the first time and now it has been revitalized.

And yes, I also have a few skin tags under my arms and near my breasts ( i guess if fabric rubs too much it can exacerbate the problem). They are kind of gross but usually only noticable to me.
I definitely grew/grow skin tags and moles when pregnant. I hate it. What is it about pregnancy that they like?!? I was finally going to have some removed this spring, but alas, I'm pregnant again of course, so I think I'll wait again.

- Krista
Yeah, this definitely feels more skin related than insides related, if you know what I mean. A mole...I didn't even think of that!
I have a small lipoma on my back which seems to have gotten a tiny bit bigger since I've been pg. A lipoma is a benign lump of fat- I think they can form anywhere in the body. I noticed mine in the shower & it was diagnosed by ultrasound.
I've had several moles develop and it sounds similar to what you are describing, but it's strange that it disappears after birth. That makes me think it may not be a mole.

For me, moles usually start out like a red pin prick (very small) and over time, trun brown and then some raise above the surface of the skin.

I wouldn't freak about it. It could just be all the wonderful hormones we have surging through our bodies. But, I would definitely let the ob check it out.
That's my plan!! I'm such a worrier by nature though, especially when it comes to my health now that I have a child/one on the way. But it's been checked out once and said to be nothing...a second opinion can only put my mind at ease!
I've grown new moles and/or skin tags each time I've been pg. It's an unfortunate side-effect of growing beautiful babies, I guess. Annoying, but nothing to worry about.
I get small moles when I'm pg....some stick around, some go away after the babe arrives.
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