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Skin Tags?

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Anyone know how to get rid of these??
I have them under my arms & I actually have one on my belly button that is now sticking out (25 wks preggo) & I CANT stand it! I just want to cut it off but DH keeps telling me not to>!
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You pretty much just have to cut them off. Boil whatever you use and soak in rubbing acohol before using it. I've never got the courage to do it. I know there are some natural methods that some mamas on here have used that didn't involve sharp stuff.
Maybe you want to wait to see if they respond? Or do a search?
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You can tie a piece of dental floss (or similar thread) around the tag and leave it for a little while (how long? who knows?) until the blood supply is cut off long enough for the tag to "die." Then it will eventually fall off. Ewwww. I know. Or you can go to the Dr and get them frozen off.
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