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Slant boards & breech babies

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I am at 37 weeks and for the last few months baby has been head down. Yesterday my midwife palpatated my stomach and thought for sure baby had turned breech! But I had to stop by her clinic today and she felt again and said this time she just wasn't sure.
: . So needless to say I'm quite confused!

I'm wondering if I do the slant board exercises and she's wrong about the breech am I going to cause it to become breech? Please tell me what you all think! I want to be proactive but I don't want to mess things up if they are all ready just perfect!
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Is there any possible way she can do a quick u/s to find the baby's skull if she can't tell with her hands?? They did this for me. Took all of 15 seconds to confirm that dd was heads-down and gave me lots of peace of mind.

The soonest they have been able to book me in for an ultrasound in next Thursday. That will put me at 38 weeks and 4 days. I've actually made an appointment with my family doctor for tomorrow to see if he can get me in any faster.

I think things are a little different here in Canada then the impression I get from reading posts from the US. Here, we have ultrasound clinics that the doctors and midwives utilize. So if either reccomends an ultrasound you just have to see when the next available appointment is.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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