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Howdy Mama's, I need your insight. This might be long but I think it's pertinent to start from the beginning.

DD is 4 months (and a bit) old and we've co-slept since birth. We originally started out with a bassinet as a side car type of arrangement, but she slept in bed with us for the most part.

Around 2 months old we all started sleeping really poorly - waking each other up, hard to get back to sleep, etc. At this point she slept longer and longer stretches in the bassinet, still next to our bed, but starting off with us and waking up with us. Then she started waking up when my husband got up for work (around 6), and she was hard to console back to sleep, even in bed with me.

A few weeks ago I posted about putting her in her own room, which I thought would be best, considering her sensitivity to everything around her. It started off GREAT, she woke much happier, she slept better, etc. Well, it's not so good now and I thought she wanted to come back to bed with us. She started waking frequently to comfort nurse, clingy during the day etc. So a few days ago I moved the crib into our room (she's now too big for the bassinet) and took the rail off and pushed it up to our bed. I hate it.

I hate to say it, but I hate the crib arrangement. Everytime I move I wake her up, and visa versa. Between her waking me up and me waking her up, we were up, not just lazily latching on in a half sleep state, but actually wide assed awake about 10 times last night. I'm exhausted, and my already bad back is killing me. I can tell she didn't sleep well because she's cranky and tired and won't nap. Anyway, I wasted no time moving the crib back to her room.

What do I do now? It seems I damned if I do, damned if I don't. I *like* having her in our room, but when she's awoken (she's a light sleeper) before she's ready to be up she is hard to console, hence moving her to her room. But, she wakes frequently, albeit happier, in her own room.

I have just been getting up with her and nursing on demand, then putting her back down or keeping her with us. I have a video monitor and am able to see her to make sure I don't go running if she's not actually awake, but at the same time I NEVER let her escalate to a cry.

Should I just keep doing what I'm doing? Any suggestions? I'm sooooo tired.
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