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Well, I'm new here and will intro myself on the hello board, but don't have a ton of time right now, but wanted to post this. In the recent mothering mag on the article about babies sleeping alone, the auther says that studies show that babies sleeping alone experience brain activity similar to physical pain. This is upseting. I'm wondering where the study info is from.
Our situation in a nutshell is that Brandon slept in his bassinet then crib right next to our bed for 10 months before moving him to his room. Frequently though, he ended up in bed with me after dad went to work or for naps. He's now 16m and a few months ago he stopped nursing most nights to sleep and would wake up after I layed him down. He would play with his fish or bear then fall asleep. Always if he fussed one of us went back in to rock him etc. I feel like this is a natural progression for him and he's ok. But after reading this I wonder if he is ok? For naps I usually lay him in his bed and he'll nap after playing as well, since he's doesn't nurse down. I just got so upset after reading this and I really don't know why, because he seems happy and healthy as can be.
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