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sleep routine-weekends

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Hi all,
I have been having problems with my baby's (5,5 months old) sleep. She kind of has a sleep routine and we usually stick to that during the week days.
However during the weekend, we wake up later and all the routines shift. Since this is the only time we can go out with DH, we go out all together. She used to sleep quite well in the sling when she was younger however now she wakes up quite easily -same in the stroller. Then she becomes overtired and cries and cries, which makes us alll exhausted. Last sunday and today were awful. Besides all that tiredness, it breaks my heart when baby cries so much.
I'm wondering what you do in such situations. Should we stick to our routine and stay at home during the naptimes and forget all social acitivities until baby is older or is there a solution in between?
Thanks for taking your time.

As a note, she used to sleep quite well after a bath (during the nights) a month ago, waking up once or twice where as now she has really difficulty in sleeping (does not sleep until a few hours past bath) and wakes 3-4 times the night.
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I do not have an answer. My dd is the same age and does the same thing as far as naps are concerned. Our night is not exactly the same. Anyway, I've been wondering what to do as well so I will keep my eyes on this post! I hope you get some good advice!
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I try to be home for afternoon naps if I can, although that doesn't *always* happen. Mornings, I go shopping and such one or two days during the week and sometimes have other errands, then church on Sunday. So mornings are the nap if we're at home time, but otherwise maybe just get catnaps in the car. Baby has gotten used to this lack of schedule. Sundays are usually the hardest, since we're at church during morning nap, and my baby has to be put down in order to go to sleep easily. So he cries in arms until he gives up and falls asleep when we're at church. I hate it, but we've learned to deal with it. My DH handles church nap time, since he can take the crying easier than I can!

For nighttime... It's normal for babies to start sleeping longer periods from about 2.5-4 months, then to wake up between 4-6 months or longer. It's often teething related, and sometimes developmental related (learning to roll over, crawl, etc.). My first son was sleeping 10+ hours a night at 2.5 months, then he started waking 2-3 times a night from 4-6 months. Once his first couple teeth came in, he gradually started sleeping longer again. My second son didn't go through the multiple wakings period, but on occasion he'll wake up once. He's just a weirdo though.
Last night, he woke at 3:30am, and I nursed him. Then he decided it was play time! I put him back to bed and he played for maybe 15 minutes, then fell back alseep. That's unusual for him. He usually goes back to sleep right after nursing, but he's getting close to crawling, so I think this was one of those developmental wakeups.
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I think that if you are home / in her routine for the morning nap then go out right afterwards you'll have a few hour window to be out as a family. I always try to be home for both naps but I'm much looser about it on the weekends. If we are out we try to plan it so that he is in the car for his second nap.

I think you were right when you said that you should be at home and stick to the routine on weekends as much as possible. Of course its not always possible but I do think its important.
i actually always did the oppsotie. i left when it was time for a nap, since my son would easily fall asleep in the car. then when it was time to get out of the car, just pop the carseat in the stroller. it gave us some alone time out together while the baby slept.
Will she take a bottle? You could get a sitter to come and leave her home while she's asleep.

I've completely given up on sleeping in since DS was born. He won't allow it.
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