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We've had issues with sleep for our peanut since birth. She is currently 9 months old. She was born with reflux and had to sleep elevated and in a danny sling (sleep positioner)- thus in her crib. She would still wake frequently at night due to reflux discomfort. She also was on a special feeding regimen due to other health issues so nursing only lasted 12 weeks. I slept with her on my chest in a recliner for at least two months. She transitioned to her crib because of the danny sling. I would bring her in bed with us on occasion after the 6th or so time of nightwaking. Naps are still very unpredictable at best- ranging from 0-2 hours twice a day. Nightime sleep is good from 10-4pm but there is frequent waking before 10 and always up at 4 but not ready to get up yet- still tired. My questions are: Does anyone co-sleep regularly just in the early morning hours? Does anyone have advice for cosleeping with older infants? I really am just wondering what to expect. Does anyone have experience co-sleeping with a non-nursing baby? Do you sleep with pillows? She's always been in the crook of my arm and then she sleeps great but I am so stiff. Now that she's so big, crawling, rolling, 21+lbs, I'm okay with her not being snugged in my arms. She still rolls up right next to me but I'm wondering when you introduce pillows for kids? She's usually on my pillow with me, our heads together, but will slip off if I move away from her. Just any strategies, your experiences, any help would be great. I don't feel like we have any sort of predictability or plan at all. Since I don't have any friends who would dare let their baby sleep in bed with them, I don't have anyone else's experiences to learn from! My husband is super supportive and actually really loves having her in bed with us. I like that she spends some time in her crib as well as in our bed. I would love any experiences, support, advice etc!

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