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Sleeping disorders in pregnant women

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Hi, My name is Neica Joseph, and I'm a Biomedical Engineering Student at Duke University. I'm working on my senior design project, which aims at creating a device to monitor sleep and detect sleep apneas in pregnant women. This disorder is common during pregnancy, and characterized by a period where someone momentarily stops breathing during sleep. Right now, my team is designing an in-ear device that can monitor breathing (think like an airpods) and through post-processing with cool circuity and code, will detect apneas. Then, mothers can take appropriate interventions with their doctors.
With that being said, our team is collecting surveys to find out the experiences of currently or recently pregnant women and their sleep patterns, and their experience and/or knowledge of sleeping disorders. It would help us a lot if anyone can take our 5-10 minute survey. We will be having a design symposium around April 27, and would be delighted to keep you guys updated!
Here are some images of our prototype, breathing waveforms, and one of our teammates with the device in her ears, just in case you don't think this is real! It would mean a lot for you to take our survey. Please reach out to me if you're interested in taking my survey!

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I'd like to add that I slept like absolute CRAP the last month of being pregnant. Even though I have interrupted sleep during the night for change/feedings, I've been sleeping more and BETTER than being pregnant. I'm probably one of the fortunate ones, though.
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