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Hi, I posted this on the nighttime parenting board but only got one response, so I thought I'd try it over here.

My wonderful, placid 7 week old seems to have her days and nights hopelessly mixed up. She frequently sleeps most of the day and is then up until the wee hours of the morning, sleeping for a couple of hours and then ready to be awake and alert. She's currently happily hanging out awake in my sling (it's 11 p.m.) and will likely be up for several more hours before going to sleep.

Some days she has more awake time than others, and some nights she sleeps more than others, but I haven't been able to discern any relationship between the two.

I would love to sleep when she sleeps, and flex my schedule to hers, but I have an older dd that makes that more or less impossible. I think at this point there are typically about 4 hours out of 24 that both my girls are asleep. My dh and I are tag-teaming as much as possible, but the lack of sleep is definitely taking its toll.

I'd love any insight from anyone who's BTDT. My inclination is just to roll with it (my mantra is "this too shall pass") and wait for her to grow into a regular human pattern of sleeping--I generally found with my older daughter that trying to mess with her sleep invariably backfired. Even so, I can't help myself from wondering if there are things I can be doing to nudge things along. I try to make a point of making sure she is awake and nursing every 2 hours or so during the day--she isn't difficult to wake, but she often goes right back to sleep (a trick I wish I could transfer to the middle of the night!). I have tried to keep her awake after she nurses during the day, but if she's determined to be asleep, I'm not really willing at this point to keep her up--she just ends up cranky, and she is such a mellow little person that fussiness is really quite out of character for her--my mommy instincts just keep yelling "no! let her sleep!" I have tried (sometimes) to make evenings quiet and mellow to give her "okay, it's nighttime now" signals...but when she won't resettle at night eventually I have to get up and turn on the lights or I start to go batty. Plus it's so hard to be disciplined about anything with the baby when I'm trying to keep up with my older dd.

Any thoughts?

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