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Someone help please!!! I am going nuts because I can not seem to have a good nights sleep. Not pg, I am used to getting about 8 hrs a night.

Seems once I hit my 3rd tri, I have not been able to get close to that. I sleep on average probably 6 now & that's if I'm lucky. I know for a fact that I *need* more than that. I am starting to worry that I won't have the energy for labor because of my sleeping issues...

Things I've tried to help me sleep; visulization, camomile tea, lavendar, crying, Tylenol PM (suggested by my MEDwife, my Midwife told me no drugs...but I was desparate last night but it didn't work anyway). I will be trying to have a beer before bed tonight. I hope that works but if it dosen't I WILL GO INSANE!

I am not concerned about occasional insomnia and sleeping like a babe (because that's how it'll be in a month or so anyway) but this is too frequent for me, too early, and too lonely
. I have only had a good sleep every two weeks. Also if its not because I'm worrying about things and my mind is wandering, its my restless feet that always want to move and the muscles contract or my itchy nose and sinuses
: . I lay in bed for hours upon hours...

I consider myself an active person. I do a yoga/pilates/tai-chi class 2X a week and I mow the lawn (large hilly yard) 2X a week too. Granted, this is way less than I did during my early pg and pre-pg. I wonder if on those days I don't do those things I should take a walk after dinner????? Would that help???? Yet I'm worried about keeping this baby cooking for at least another 3.5 weeks! I need to store my energy for labor and I need energy to nest too!!!


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A glass of red (not white) wine is supposed to help. YOu can also try an herbal sleeping pill. A few times this pregnancy I have been very restless and anxious about hte birth, and took an herbal sleeping pill. It took another half an hour to work, but then I got a good 8 hours sleep.

Consider zone therapy and/or a massage as late in the day as possible. The best two nights I've had so far were after my 2 zone thereapy treatments. I slept like a rock, solid 8 hours. I would have slept even longer but I needed to get up for work.

You have to finish a sleep "cycle" for it to count. If you are woken up inbetween one, it's like you never slept. Ever have the alarm go off in the middle of a heavy dream? YOu end up cross-eyed all day. So 2 hours + 3 hours + 2 hours does not equal 7 hours! Does this make sense?

However, you are big and uncomortable at this point, so solid hours may not be possible. You may have to take a nap in the day or after work. Yes, there are million other things to do, but try to make time for yourself.

Try a pillow between your knees or thighs, and put one on near you left side and one near your right side. Then which ever side you are on, put it under your bump. When you roll over at night, put the other one under your bump. It's easier than rolling over, moving the pillow too and repositioning it - you wake up more with all that work. If you are desperate to sleep on your belly, try to put a breastfeeding pillow (C shaped) under your yoni and a pillow under your chest, so your are on your belly, but not crushing it. I can't sleep like that, but I can rest like that a half an hour before I resign myself to the left or right side. (PS left side is better for detal positioning).

Pleasant dreams

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When I discussed insomnia with my midwives at my last visit, they suggested that I take a calcium/magnesium supplement.

calcium citrate 1000mg
magnesium 500mg

After taking the supplement for about 6 days suddenly I was sleeping much better. I still wake up several times a night to pee, but am typically able to go right back to sleep and awake rested.

I'm sold on it now!
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