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We've done a few things. First, try having your laying on his left side--this will help with the reflux. Sometimes we had Molly on her left side, propped on a boppy pillow. We also elevated the head of our bed so we were all sleeping on a bit of a tilt--that made it easier to just add a bit of a tilt to dd's position. The way it's working for us now is I made a giant body pillow. This way there was no danger of her rolling between our pillows. So I use the body pillow for my head and her head and have my arm under her shoulders and she's on her left side facing me--this is the best we've had so far I believe. The boppy worked great until she was big enough to move herself off of it.

Btw, dd is on Losec and Zantac with Gripe water as needed. The advantage to gripe water is it works extremely quickly.
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