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I co-slept with my refluxing dd. It was a nightmare because she would cry every night for 5-10 hours solid. It would have been just as much of a nightmare with her in a crib, though (the crib wouldn't have prevented her reflux and crying). Her reflux stopped, though, at around 6 weeks old without medication when I cut dairy from my diet. Every time I've tried to add dairy back in, she's had refluxy, gassy symptoms, so I'm pretty sure she has a dairy sensitivity. Are you nursing? Have you already tried eliminating dairy from your diet? If the Zantac didn't work, maybe your dd has some kind of allergy that's causing the reflux? As far as tips go, nothing really helped for us, unforuntately. We tried elevating her with a wedge in our bed. We rocked her, bounced her, etc, which would help for a little while. It was just something we had to endure. I hope your dd's symptoms get better soon.
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