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I'm at the end of my rope

My 10 months old boy does not want to sleep during the day. He's tired, he goes crossed eyes from fatigue, he will stumble & fall but he will not sleep.

I've tried to have him fall asleep on the couch next to me and then transfer him to his bed that he can nap and I can get some things done around the house. That used to work very well, till about 2 months ago.
I cannot let him CIO... it's 1st) not in my nature at all (after 5 minutes I can't hold it anymore and run to him), 2nd) he only gets worked up more.

At night he sleeps with us and then he really sleeps, exept for some boobjuice every now & then. But I hardly wake up anymore when he nurses.

What can I do to help him let go and have a much needed nap? Homeopathy, aromatherapy, massage........ I'm open to it all.
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sometimes they just want to give it up...are determined, even if their little bodies aren't ready... "mind over matter"

but what has worked (eons ago) for me --was 30-45 min of quiet talk/singing....amounting to softly read stories and songs, in a darkened room, that got her ready to accept sleep.

another mom I know, swears my valerian(sp) root and drank it hoping her little one was getting the ben's of the herb through her milk.

sleep well,

mama to noel 25 mo's (and not napping anymore)
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s mama, it's so tough. What about laying down in bed with DS for naps? Also when he gets to the point when he soooo tired about about trying some warm chamomile tea? Are you feel anxious about his nap sleep? Maybe it's rubbing off on him? Try 'giving in', maybe even taking a nap with him for a couple of days....there is always house work, it never ends

Good luck with everything. Remember, this too shall pass....
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