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My dd who is 7 desperately wants to have a sleepover. My dh and I are not that crazy about sleepovers at this age. I really do not mind if other children stay at my house, but I am not sure about her spending the night at someone else's house who I really do not know. That would make me uncomfortable. I wanted to get some input from other parents - so please let me know your thoughts!

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My ds has only done one sleepover and it was at the house of a family we know and trust. I would not let him sleepover with a family we didn't know very well.

Go with your gut and, maybe, arrange for a sleepover at your house.
What she said....

I would not be comfortable unless I knew the family fairly well. My daughter (just turned 7) slept over a neighbors for three days when we had to go out of a town for a funeral. (She didn't want to go to the funeral and I didn't want to force her). It went great..both girls had a great time.

Now my son (11 yo)...he had been doing sleepovers with a close friend of mine son (14 yo)...until I found out they were sleeping in the same bed and the other son was tickling my son during the night. That was weird. But I had an uneasy feeling from the beginning, I just chalked it up to first time jitters...

Go with your instinct.

My kids (age 10 & 7) are only allowed to spend the night with close friends. It has been a rule forever and there is no issue what-so-ever. If I don't know the parents very well, then my kids can not spend the night. That's just the way it is.
Both of my older children never stayed over at a friend's house until they were 10. No set reason for that age, just that they both were "ready" at that age. It was with friends that I knew the parents also.
DD has had a friend over to stay the night twice. This month she will *probably* be going on her first sleepover.

She has known this friend since she was 6.5 months old. The mom and I are close (book club together) and we see them often. There is no way I would fee comfortable with DD spending the night of someone like a school friend that we were not close with (not that she would want to, lol).

I would try one out at your house first and see how it goes. You can get a better feeling from there.
DD#1 is 8yo and has had a couple of sleepovers, both at our house and at her friends' houses. Everything went fine with most of them. The last one was for a birthday and at a house where I thought I knew the parents quite well. All in all, it was a bad experience--no supervision, poor quality food, the girls were allowed to stay up until 4am, etc. DD#1 decided for herself that she will not go there again for a sleepover--not that I would let her go anyway.

That said, I agree with the pp. If there are any concerns, have it at your house.
My boys are almost 6 & 8 and they only go to the houses of ppl that we know well. I would not be comfortable letting him go anywhere else and I don't feel that it is necessary. Nor do I have children over who I don't know well. It's sad to say but in this day and age children make things up and that's just not a risk I am willing to take, kwim?
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