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Sleepy/lethargic/no appetite baby? Worried

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Dh just called and said he's worried about dd. She didn't wake up for her middle-of-the-night feeding last night, and she slept straight through from 10 pm to 9 am. That is extremely unusual for her. He said all day so far she's been very sleepy, relaxed. Not playing, not eating, not getting grumpy or anything. Just lays there. She's had nothing to eat or drink since 10 pm last night.

She is usually a good eater and at nearly 1 yr old drinks breastmilk and eats lots of solids. She is generally a very perky, active baby.

I told him to give her a bottle of EBM and if she doesn't take it, to bring her out to me right away at work and I'd breastfeed her on my lunch break (b/c I think it would be pretty much guaranteed that she'd breastfeed, even if just for comfort and not hunger).

I'm worried. Is this just the normal start of an illness, or could she need medical attention? I'm very concerned she's had no sustenance for over 12 hours and has no interest in any.

Thanks for any insight or advice.
Dh is going to try the bottle and call me back. He's also going to take her temperature, but he said he doesn't think she has a fever.

dd 11 mos
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Babies can dehydrate quickly. I'd err on the side of caution, call a doctor and see what they say.

It sounds like she's getting sick, or IS sick, but you're right, I too would be worried about the no fluids for 12 hours. I'd have DH bring her to you sooner rather than later (before lunch), while you call your medical care provider to find out what she/he says...

Good luck, and let us know how it goes.
Dh just called and said she's taking the bottle. I feel better that she's having something. He's going to make noodles and peas for her, which are her favorite, and see if she'll have a little food. Depending on how much she drinks/eats, we may still call the doctor and she may still come out to see me. Fortunately, I was in to work quite early this morning and can probably leave early.

Thanks for responding. I think if she eats and drinks (drinking being more important) we'll just keep an eye on her for now. Dh also said her temperature is normal.

I think if she were really feeling bad she'd refuse the bottle. I do worry that she's going to be sick/sicker tomorrow, though.

dd 11 mos
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Oh good!

Yeah, you sound wise and clear...keeping an eye on her as long as she getting fluids in her.

I'm glad she's taking a bottle, and yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if she was sicker tomorrow!
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