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My son is not quite a week old. Our midwife did blood work on the cord blood and it detected slight anemia. I was slightly anemic during my third trimester, but I've read that the two are not necessarily related. I currently and for the past 3 months have been taking Floridix iron supplement 10 ml twice a day.<br><br>
It is very likely that during our unassisted homebirth (my labor was so fast that the midwives didn't make it for the birth, but they did for the placenta) we held the baby above the placenta, which made the blood rush back inside of me and caused the low results.<br><br>
My pediatrician is going to do another blood test on Wednesday to check his iron again. If his iron is low, I am sure she will recommend iron drops for him, unless I can show evidence to the contrary (she is extremely open minded, and already several times I have shown her alternative type information that has educated her about different approaches).<br><br>
Meanwhile, I can't find ANY information online about NEWBORNS and anemia. LLL and Kellymom both have info about babies who are already eating solids, but nothing specific to the newborn.<br><br>
Does anyone out there have information about this? I would be very appreciative! Thanks.
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